The sign at the current location in Brantwood, WI.
What is "Sisu?"

Sisu is a Finnish term that emulates the national identity of the Finns. Loosely translated, it means "intestinal fortitude" or rather a never-give-up attitude, especially when the odds are against you. Although it is considered their identity, the Finns believe that this is a universal human quality that is employed when you seek to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

Having grown up in a largely Finnish-American community in Northern Wisconsin, I heard this word often and it was a part of the local culture. I named this printing start-up Sisu Press because it would encourage and inspire me to keep going by using creative thinking and tenacity to get through the hard times of this entrepreneurship.

The studio in Madison, WI.

Sisu Press was started by Jasmin Olea in 2015 in Madison, WI, as a small printing shop specializing in creating visually commanding merchandise for bands, filmmakers, and venues throughout the region. However, later that year the studio was relocated to Northern Wisconsin for family reasons. Sisu Press continued to provide cool merch for clients and venues in Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis, and ships worldwide via this website.

The artist, Jasmin Olea.

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